The hype machine for the new Arcade Fire LP REFLEKTOR has been gaining momentum for a while before, a couple of weeks ago, we saw the video for ‘Reflektor’ Well look out, said machine is just about to smash you directly in the face with the release of this mini-movie cum gig  video directed by Roman Coppola (in my opinion the most talented of the Coppola’s. Better than his brother Sofia anyway.) This is a good old gaudy vid with Las Vegas sleaze mixed with a kind of 70s Top Of The Pops tackiness. Random little appearance by Zach Galifianakis and Bill Hader shoved in the middle too. Features three tracks from the new album, ‘Here Comes The Night Time,’ ‘We Exist,’ and ‘Normal People’ which gives a fuller indication of James Murphy’s production job on the album. ‘Reflektor’ saw a definite LCD disco-tinge which seemed to divide opinion with fans – these three are a lot heavier, although you can still hear Murphy’s 80s bent in the production.


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