Interesting little mix by Jack Barnett of TNP which melds together tracks from musicians he’s worked with with music from artists who have inspired and informed the band. Very much rock, jazz and orchestral, this provides a perfect collage which goes some way to explaining the band’s unique sound.


1st Half
1. Blue Jam Intro – Chris Morris

2. Boogie Nights (excerpt) – Heatwave

3. Love Theme from Chinatown (Main Title) – Jerry Goldsmith

4. Wayfaring Stranger (Live on Buck Owen’s Ranch Show) – JD Sumner & The Stamps Quartet

5. Verily, He Is Worthy (excerpt) – The Orthodox Singers

6. Song to the Siren – Tim Buckley

7. Reflections on the Spiral – Blue-Eyed Hawk

8.Sheriff of Hong Kong – Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band

9. Paradise – Dr Feelgood

2nd Half

10. On The Beach At Cambridge (excerpt) – Adrian Mitchell

11. Embarkation – Yazz Ahmed

12. 心 – Salyu X Salyu

13. Funeral Song, Solomon Islands 1978 – recorded by David Fanshawe

14. Sonhos – Elisa Rodrigues

15. Los Angeles – Frank Black

16. Here – Michel van der Aa

17. Dulce Calor – Altocamet

18. Dame Tu Boca – Javier Ruibal (with excerpts of Boogie Nights – Heatwave; Metastaesis – Iannis Xenakis; Aura – Miles Davis)



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