I initially posted this little beaut way back when I first started ATOT (just over a week ago.) After a menu reshuffle I deleted the post and thus it was lost into the digital ether of nothingness. The point of this (rather boring and pointless) story is that I like this mix so I’m posting it again. There.

John Wizards’ self titled album on Planet Mu is a revelation and after quite a few house and techno mixes this is like a breath of fresh air. Last time I posted I said something about the vibes being so Summery you could almost feel the Cape Town sun on your back. I’ll stick with that.


Joe Malinga Quintet – ‘Zadibana’
Authority – ‘Bayabaleka’
Gentleman Mike Ejeagha & his Premiers Dance Band – ‘Nyelu Nwa Ogbenye Aka’ The Flaming Souls – ‘Modupe’
Yukihiro Takahashi – ‘Flashback’
John Wizards – ‘Mix 1’
Isao Tomita – ‘The Girl With The Flaxen Hair’
Golden City Dixies – ‘Faith Can Move Mountains’
The Movers/John Wizards – ‘Bump Special’
John Wizards – ‘Mix 2’
Remy Ongala – ‘Mrema’
Oliver Ngoma – ‘Adia’
Al Green – ‘How Can You Mend A Broken Heart’
Change – ‘Heaven of My Life (LP Version)’
Brenda & The Big Dudes – ‘Mirror’
Ben Mayingane – ‘Tiba Ben, Track 8’
DJ Clock – ‘Ngomso/Hypersonic’
Lukas Ligeti – ‘Circle’s Tune 1 (John Wizards Remix)’
Brotherhood of Breath – ‘Uqonda’
James Blake – ‘I Only Know (What I Know Now)’
Janet Jackson – ‘Got Til It’s Gone’
Burundi Girl Sings Song of Greeting
Sikalo – ‘Magwala Ndini’
Pepe Kalle – ‘500 kilos d’amour’
Milton Nascimento e Lô Borges – ‘Cravo e canela’
A Tent – ‘Seven Years Part II’

John Wizards … 'It's an unusual thing.'


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