Crack Magazine has an exclusive stream of the brand new Medlar LP. As one of WOLF Music’s residents, the young, UK DJ and producer doesn’t stray too far from the deep house template, but he’s carved a niche for himself by peppering his tracks with a jazz aesthetic – smokey hiss, mellow keys, loose percussion all harking back to a day when deep house meant just that, deep. That’s not to say he’s all about underground whiskey dens with foot tappers rather than rump shakers, the low end groove of his productions sees that he’s never that far from an appreciative dancefloor. But his work has a dustiness which is equally comfortable on a home stereo as a soundsystem.

On Sleep however, he has taken his work to the next level, with found sounds, crunchier and more complex arrangements and the jazz turned up a notch and a half. Tracks like ‘Tides’ or ‘Tap Spring’ are structured and solid house productions but it’s on tracks like ‘Listen’ where things get interesting – a real confidence and composure in deconstructing the playful opening chimes into nothingness via vocal incantations before slowly bringing the track back to life, a reincarnation almost, into something not resembling its initial form. Stunning.

medlar (1)

‘1516’ does much the same in more dramatic fashion, breaking down the early deep house exchanges into a collage of spoken samples, Marvin Gaye cries, floating synths and live, reverb-heavy percussion that you just don’t see coming. The whole album in some ways feels like a collage with found sound samples in abundance, from phone rings to gulls to chattering conversations. It sounds like a city in flux, morphing, changing, busy, loud, vibrant, interesting, arresting and beguiling.

His first release ‘Terell‘ was for WOLF so it seems fitting that he should produce the labels first artist LP and what a fine way to start.


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