Legowelt’s famed profilic nature continues unabated with the announcement of latest LP Crystal Cult 2080, just a year after the sublime The Paranormal Soul. And who are we to complain when the quality control is this high? This little sample contains 4 of the ten tracks, ‘Crystal Cult 2080,’ ‘Majestic Alchemy,’ ‘Mistral VHS,’ and finally ‘Do What U Gotta Do.’ Whereas his previous album was, for the most part, sharp synths and crisp production, this set has more in common with his latest work on L.I.E.S, – a dusty crackle pervades all. This warmth and fustiness is put down to the DIY germanium crystal compressor the Dutchman used in production (the ‘Crystal’ which the album title refers to.) ‘What about the 2080 bit of the title, is that a reference to the future?’ I think I heard somebody ask. No, stupid, it comes from his ubiquitous use of the classic Roland JV2080 synth on the album. So now you know.




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