Hello all. Well, what a time that was eh? New Year’s and all that. I came to the conclusion that it’s a damn sight easier running a blog when you have nothing else to do as opposed to having to work, hence the lack of bloggitivity towards the back end of 2013. Anyway, ATOT is back on track. Probably a few less posts than previously but still, I will be updating daily so, y’know, keep eyes peeled and all that.

I will stop banging on now and instead focus on this woozy new soul-influenced track from experimental and sometime genius New York producer James Ferraro. Not gonna pretend to be a fan of all his work (I often think the media fawning is way in excess of the actual quality of much of his material,) but this looped and warped piece caught my ear and is difficult to shift. Unnervingly slick.



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